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Help me live out my purpose, as I run a Marathon distance every weekend for a year to help others recover from addiction, and end the stigma image

Help me live out my purpose, as I run a Marathon distance every weekend for a year to help others recover from addiction, and end the stigma

Lets make recovery and option for those who are lost in addition and help their family and friends find peace and get their love ones back!


$7,195 towards $5,000

This is a very big deal for me. I have been preparing for this effort for a long time while not even really knowing it. After being hit by a car on my bike a little over two years ago, and basically staring death in the face for what felt like the millionth time in my life, I walk away virtually unscathed. And with the events of the last few years and so much loss in our society I have realized it would basically be a crime for me to continue reaping the benefits of a beautiful life on this planet, that has been granted to me through grace and grace alone.

I have spoken with a few of my amazing friends about my past but I still hide it from many. Even those who know I have a past of addiction likely do not realize the extent. That is because up until now I have been unwilling to disclose the embarrassing and painful events from my past.

But having met a friend recently who is working with the Herren project. I know it is time. I want to show those who know me that it is possible for someone to rise out of the deepest depths of despair to a new life that is productive and meaningful. I may not feel I deserve it many days, but the reality is that I am living it, and I am so blessed. I won't bore you with my 10 plus years of heroin addition but I will let you in on a few things.

I am a runner now and one of my greatest goals is to run Boston, New York, and Chicago marathons. This may seem like a normal goal for many runners but I want to do it as redemption, as I found myself in all three of the city broken, beaten, or worse (use your imagination) as a result of my decisions, fueled by addiction. I can tell you when I sat in these places I felt nothing. I didn't know how to die and I didn't know how to live. When a walk by someone today who is suffering I can see that feeling in their eyes. They are completely empty. Wanting to change may not even be understandable to them at that point. It can get to a place where a different life feels impossible. In fact, it's not even a thought.

My personal story involves being saved by the intervention of the authorities and my involuntary removal from society. And after a few times in correctional institutions, I got released to a program and ultimately began to see that maybe there was another way of living, but I assure you I was incapable of coming to this conclusion on my own and that is why I think it is imperative to try and get access to programs to those who need help.

During my addition my family suffered, my friends suffered, society suffered.

Today I am a good daughter, I call my elderly mother every night and she goes to bed knowing her daughter is safe. I am an auntie and godmother to my beautiful goddaughter Emily. I am a wife, an employee, a student, and, I hope, a good friend to many.

Again I am not sharing my past as something I am proud of and this does not even really scratch the surface of the many events of those years, but my hope is to paint a picture that with a little help so many can find recovery and there loved ones can have them back. Maybe even society will benefit as a whole!

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