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We can help more individuals and families heal from the disease of addiction and prevention of substance use disorder

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Happy Thanksgiving.

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, including those affected by substance abuse disorder. All reports indicate the substance abuse is rising during this national health crisis and access to treatment is becoming more difficult.

The pandemic has impacted fund raising efforts for many organizations working to help provide treatment for substance abuse disorder. Due to the necessary health guideline many running events have been canceled, which has significantly impacted Herren Project’s ability to provide free recovery to individuals ,and family support, during a time when these services are most needed.

Over the past few years Tara and I have run several events to raise funds for this amazing organization. Every day I wear an article of clothing that says Herren Project, whether I am on a run or just heading off to run an errand. I do this because I believe in the work and want to spread awareness of the organization.I have been stopped by strangers asking, “What is Herren Project”, and I am happy to spread their reach during those conversations. The work they do to sponsor treatment, and to support families, is in addition to their community outreach programs, through middle school and high school engagement, to provide education and resources for prevention.

During this holiday season, I am asking for your support. I realizes times are difficult and uncertain, but if you can give I assure you, your donation will be going directly to help those affected. I know because I have met many of these individuals face to face and have witnessed lives restored.

Thank you to all of you who have supported Tara and I, as we work to support others though are connected with Herren Project.